Monday, May 2, 2011

As Yet Untitled

What can I tell u? Frustration has definitely raised it's ugly
head w/ me. At the moment I'll bypass the gor__ uh monotonously
insipid details! On top of eveything else that's mounting on me, I'm
going 2 feverishly try 2 make it a point 2 post some sort of sketch or
drawing on here by or b4 Free Comicbook Day. The roadblocks have
been many and they have been steady....going as far back as November,

Hopefully I can navigate these turbulent waters so that I can start
putting 4th what I'd been hoping 2 since creating this blog. So w/ any
luck, I'll see u in the short run w/ a l'il sumptin' sumptin', and in the oh
so long run, I'll be able 2 continue...w/ any luck, relatively unabated

signing off

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Train Is Moving, It's Just A Little Slower Than I Thought It Would Be!!

Well I've layed out the 1st chapter, now it's time 2 tidy it up. In the mean time I hope 2 post character sketches up momentarily w/ brief commentaries on each, W/ any luck & no roadblocks I should have the 1st chapter up late Feb/early Mar. See u soon!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Back Again 4 The 1st Time

Later in the month I plan on starting my brand new web/(print?) comic; "A MEMOIR FROM A SUPER-ZERO" It's kind of a styleized abstact "true' story about yours truly in my younger yrs. More than anything this is going 2 prove 4 me 2 be somewhat cathardic when finally done.

Those of u who choose 2 peep it out, if its 2 your liking, I hope u send others here 2 check it out. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I hope that those who've shared similar circumstances now know, if u didn't b4 that u're not alone.

Anyway in another two 2 three wks., I hope 2 have the 1st installment posted. Now this is my 2nd blog thru blogger, & the reason that I've chosen 2 post my comic here is because others that I've seen w/ comics done on blogger, the comics r much ore legible, & there's less manipulation that u have 2 go thru in order 2 see the words & pics clearly. The downside is that it was brought 2 my attn. that some have had probs either posting comments, or even seeing what the host has posted. If that was a fault of blogger, that....that's something now that's been rectified.

That's it 4 now. Hopefully I'll see y'all in a few wks., or a tad longer.
Phil_byDAY/P.M.Knight 12