Monday, May 2, 2011

As Yet Untitled

What can I tell u? Frustration has definitely raised it's ugly
head w/ me. At the moment I'll bypass the gor__ uh monotonously
insipid details! On top of eveything else that's mounting on me, I'm
going 2 feverishly try 2 make it a point 2 post some sort of sketch or
drawing on here by or b4 Free Comicbook Day. The roadblocks have
been many and they have been steady....going as far back as November,

Hopefully I can navigate these turbulent waters so that I can start
putting 4th what I'd been hoping 2 since creating this blog. So w/ any
luck, I'll see u in the short run w/ a l'il sumptin' sumptin', and in the oh
so long run, I'll be able 2 continue...w/ any luck, relatively unabated

signing off

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